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Project Type

One Act - World Premiere


April 2023

Nashville, TN

Belmont University



Cast & Crew

Francis - Annabel DelGiorno
Edith - Chloe Coulter
Constance - Morgan Savatgy
Marty - Ben Johnson
Rita - Chris Allison
Jean - Laura Walker
Garrett - Clay Jackson
Samuel - Keegan McCarthy
Playwright - Nathaniel Caudill
Stage Manager - Abbie McCurdy
Sound Designer - Jonah Burch
Lighting Designer - Caroline Million
Intimacy Coordinator - Sydney Lofton

Set in the tomorrow, this show follows Francis, a young photographer, looking to get her brother back after he chose to be Stillfielded. When one becomes a Stillfield, the motor function of the body are frozen, even though they continue have a heartbeat and can hear the world around them. She makes a deal with Edith, the resident Stillfielder, to take pictures of the statues and in return she will get her brother back. After meeting a relative of a Stillfielder and two runaway teenagers Francis begins to see the why someone would want to become a Stillfield. Will she pull the plug on her brother or does she now understand?
The World Premiere was performed April 21, 2023, in the Belmont Little Theater.

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